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How You can Help

We would love for you to get involved in helping us to help children who have circumstances that should not be allowed to stand in the way of their potential.

Your interest is greatly appreciated and without people like you, the youth academy would never survive.

There are many ways that you can get involved with The SPICE4LIFE Youth Academy.

Virtual support

Following us on Facebook and sending messages of inspiration are more powerful then you may think. Please spread the word with friends and family to befriend us online.

If you would like to have a more tangible involvement, you can get involved by becoming a Champion for our children and their needs by spreading the word on the much needed wish-lists.

Wish Lists


Giving support to help children stay in school goes a long way to empowering a child

Donations of stationery and various school supplies would be greatly appreciated.


Monthly Toiletry and clothes donations give dignity and always get big smiles from the children of every age

After School Activity

For our children, it is an honour to play in our well recognized and successful soccer club teams and for the girls, we have our new Youth Academy Squad. Practice bibs, soccer and Squad Kit, soccer balls, twirl twirl batons as well as transport cards, SAFA fees and the likes are all expenses that 99% of our kids cannot afford.

Our mission to for kids to get outside to play and enjoy themselves, means we reach hundreds of children and our biggest struggle is having to say no to many who want to be part of the youth academy.

The best way for us to ensure no child gets left behind is our “Sponsor-a-Child” initiative.

A yearly donation from key Champions help ensure a stable environment and gives the child a holistic inclusion and support to be part of the Youth Academy

You can sponsor a child and make sure they get all the supplies that they need in way of school and sport supplies for the year. The donation amount is R4000 per year

We only have a very few of these and with over 300 children and more requests every day, it can be very overwhelming, so please spread the word that we are a fully fledged and compliant BEE level 2 Non Profit Company to help us get more business donors

To keep this program going, donations are key, so please feel free to suggest any donations you may have to give.

Please send any enquiries to michelle@spice4life.co.za