What We Do

Why are we needed?

The SPICE4LIFE Youth Academy operates in the township DuNoon, Cape Town, where poverty is prevalent and food and school costs are too much of a burden. The average income of a household is less than R5000 and parents/adults work full days, leaving the house early and coming home late, sometimes even working nightshifts. This means that children are left unsupervised and general neglect is a huge issue. Besides, the child abuse statistic in the DuNoon area is approximately 38% in girls and 40% in boys under the age of 1-18. Growing up in these kind of circumstances causes falling prey to bad influences that encourage drugs, underage sexual favours, theft and the list goes on.

The SPICE4LIFE Youth Academy is an organisation dedicated to nurturing young talent between the ages of 8-17 from compromised environments by creating love and light, hope and positive solutions in the lives of children living in the township DuNoon, by showing support, care and interest while providing them a chance to play sport. 

We believe that no matter where children grow up, children should be able to feel like a child and therefore be able to play and to dream. By using sport as a point of entry the SPICE4LIFE Youth Academy connects and interacts with children from underprivileged communities and addresses grass root issues while giving them fun, happy moments through being able to play, as children should. The SPICE4LIFE Youth Academy believes that playing soccer is not only a fun activity, but also creates the opportunity to establish connections and trust, forging bonds, learns how to make better decisions and building mutual respect. This has provided the perfect foundation for identifying social and other issues that need to be addressed.